Art : virtual hourly consultations for art purchasing and placement

I find that a one-hour art and interior design consultation is a great way to kick start my clients’ personal art placement projects. This is often one of the interior design elements that is most important yet most often paralyzes clients. From framing to placement, this short consultation is a great solution for most clients.

Based on your own requirements, space and personal taste, I will make suggestions on:

  • WHAT KIND OF ART you (or we) should shop for in terms of size, color, style, and medium. It’s important to have a harmonious mix of sizes and mediums, whether you like a riot of color, a monochromatic look, large modern paintings, or gallery walls full of traditional oil paintings.
  • WHERE TO BUY original art online, where to buy original paintings, and, if needed, where to buy great reproductions.
  • WHERE TO PLACE ART. It’s important to have different types of hangings throughout your space, some single large paintings as well as groups of smaller paintings, and they should all be properly proportioned to the walls and hung at the correct height.


  • Level 1 – $95: A one-half-hour consultation via email.  I’ll review photos and any questions that you send to me and provide answers and suggestions accordingly.  Additional time after one-half hour will be prorated.
  • Level 2 – $195: A one-hour consultation via phone (could also be FaceTime or Skype). I’ll review photos and any questions you have and provide answers and suggestions accordingly.  Additional time after one hour will be prorated.
  • Level 3 – $245:  A one-hour in-home consultation in the Los Angeles area.  Additional time after one hour will be billed at $195 per hour, and prorated.

Note: For virtual appointments we need photos and dimensions prior to the appointment. Please contact us and we can provide a detailed list of required information.

Available for residential or commercial design projects.