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Tools for Selecting and Hanging Art in a Gallery Wall I am so thrilled to be included in South Bay Magazine’s latest Home issue!  Please check it out on their website here if you haven’t already.   Below is the article full of ideas about how to select vintage art, how to frame art…(Read More)

how to hang art

I go to a lot of houses for interior design consultations, and the great majority of them have nothing, or almost nothing, on the walls.  It seems most clients are paralyzed about where to start with art.  I hope this helps you find some direction and motivation to begin!  If you don’t already have…(Read More)

I’m so happy to have this great article featured in Rue Magazine’s “Rue Daily” this week!  You can visit their site to read the full story and many other great ones they have about interior design, decorating and entertaining. I’ve copied the body of the article below, but there are more photos…(Read More)


I was just introduced to the photography of Petros Koublis and am captivated by his work.  I’m featuring a few of my favorites here, but there are many more beautiful ones to view on his website.  They are perfect for using in interior design projects.  The available sizes range from 20″ x 30″ to…(Read More)

gallery wall

As an interior designer, gallery walls are one of my favorite things to create for a client.  This living room had a large wall that needed a lot of love and the clients had no existing art to use in this spot.  We were starting completely from scratch.  I showed them several pieces from Artfully…(Read More)

beach house

Parts of this Manhattan Beach house are still a work in progress, but I love the way it’s coming together and wanted to share it.  The client is a long-time family friend and this is the fourth interior design project I’ve done with her and her family.  I think this great house…(Read More)

LA shopping

When out-of-town guests ask me for a suggested LA itinerary, I always include Abbot Kinney in Venice on my list as my favorite street in Los Angeles.  It has changed a lot over the years, and I think when I lived nearby years ago it used to have more stores that focused on…(Read More)

I just finished a blog post about Shopping on Abbot Kinney for Home Decor, in Venice, California, and while I was at it I saw so many inspiring works of art on the street that I decided to do a whole separate post.   I love that this area has such a vibrant art community.   As…(Read More)

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