Interior Design :  full project design & implementation for residential or commercial projects

We can accommodate any scope of design work including the types of projects listed below.  We and our team of vendors specialize in taking care of all the little details and decisions that can be overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming for clients, and that can cause unnecessary increases to the budget if not handled properly.  This is usually a large investment for clients and we want it to be as easy and joyful for them as possible.  Please scroll down to read details on our general design and implementation process.  We do most of our work in Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, the South Bay, and the greater Los Angeles area, although we are happy to travel out-of-state for clients as needed.   

NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION: We can collaborate with existing architects and general contractors whom you may already have on board, or we can partner in helping you build a full team to best execute your project.

RENOVATIONS: Includes space planning, kitchen design, bathroom design, and the specifying and purchasing of materials, finishes, fixtures, tile, stone, flooring, carpet, hardware, and paint colors.

COMPLETE OR PARTIAL UPDATE OF FURNISHINGS: Includes the production of furniture plans and the specifying and purchasing of paint colors, furniture, fabrics, accessories, rugs, window treatments, art and more.

RELOCATING TO A NEW HOUSE:  We can help whether you are starting completely from scratch, or require editing, reorganizing and adding to your existing furnishings to make them work in a new space.

EXTERIOR SPACES: In addition to selecting exterior paint colors and light fixtures, we can design seating areas and consult on general layout ideas and design concepts before you hire a landscape contractor.

HOURLY CONSULTATIONSclick here for more details on this option

To learn more please contact us directly to discuss your needs in more detail.



PHASE 1: Beginning our relationship

  1. Initial client meeting where we gather as much information as possible about your wish list, requirements, scope, schedule and how much you are comfortable spending. We listen to what your main goals and expectations are and determine how we can best help you. If you have any photos you’ve collected that show rooms or design ideas you like this is a great time to show us.
  2. Prepare, submit and execute signatures on our contract, and receive design fee deposit.
  3. Meet with any of your existing architects, contractors, or other trades, or work with you to pull together a team of relevant trades to discuss project scope and obtain estimates. Discuss responsibilities and expectations for each team member.  (For some projects, this step needs to be reversed with the previous step).
  4. Create a spreadsheet detailing the scope of work and budget, to be kept updated and organized throughout the project.

PHASE 2: Conceptual design

  1. Compile inspiration photos and samples.
  2. Review them with you to explore various design ideas, identify what appeals most to you, and determine the overall design direction.

PHASE 3: Implementation of design plan

  1. Take site photos and measurements.
  2. Prepare any relevant drawings.
  3. Determine actual available items that work for the specific project based on conceptual design plan. Shop for and source all materials and furnishings, obtain quotes from all vendors, ensure that all items will physically fit and fall within your budget and timeframe.
  4. Review all items in the above step with you to obtain your approval on photos or samples of each item, as well as the cost. ***We may decide with you that it makes sense to break these steps into phases, based on the overall scope of your project.
  5. Administer design plan: prepare invoices, receive payments from client, pay vendors, coordinate lead times, shipping & storage (which we will discuss with you), and all relevant details.

PHASE 4: Installation and completion

  • We will coordinate delivery and installation of all items that we’ve ordered. It’s best if this all happens on one day when you can arrange to be out of your house for a few hours. We can discuss other arrangements if needed.
  • In addition to installing items that we’ve ordered for you, we often bring in a few finishing-touch items that we want to try in person and see what works the best. These are usually smaller, non-custom accessory items that you can decide whether or not to keep once you’ve seen them.