Office Inspiration: 5 Home Office Looks for an Inspired Space


Please enjoy this guest post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor.

Beautifying a home office space can be a real challenge; while too much décor can be distracting, a workspace void of any design is underwhelming and demotivating. Finding a happy medium between cluttered home office and organized oasis will take a little effort.

Setting up a chic office can be a boon for productivity and creativity; oftentimes the right desk makes all the difference.

Here are five offices to inspire a fresh design for your in-home business space:

home office

Fresh, light and airy, a resort style office is simply a matter of using the right furnishings and a bit of plant life. Casual and comfortable, a palm desk and a few high back chairs give this serene office a bit of exotic flair.

home decor

Forget a dedicated room, a simple modern writing desk provides just enough space for completing work tasks in any nook in the house. For those in laptop limbo land, a small desk works perfectly for professional assignments.

interior design

Capturing elegant but easygoing work vibes, a small writing desk serves as a spot for art projects, crafting, work tasks and homework. For a little edginess, a sleek dining chair works perfectly for home office seating.

home office

A simple flip top table offers an opportunity to create an office even in the smallest of rooms. Stylish and sophisticated, this coastal office set is ideal for any home design scheme.


Contemporary and chic, this rectangular writing desk provides a landing pad for a variety of work projects. A beige dining chair is the perfect complement to this striking seaside office.


Guest post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor.  All furniture is available at LuxeDecor, and all photos were provided by LuxeDecor.